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Astute Motoring Limited is something a bit different, focused on service and quality for its clients ahead of company profits. We understand that the company will grow at a slightly slower pace rather than some of the price not service driven contract hire and leasing companies that exist. We offer all types of leasing and vehicle funding options, but rather than "there's the price do you want it attitude" we would prefer to listen to what our clients really need out of their next car so that they don't regret it and find out that it is two late once they have entered into a three year lease.

We can supply any make and model of car and light commercial vehicle any type of finance plan including Contract Hire, Lease, Personal Contract Hire and good old fashioned cash. Finance has been the most important factor for vehicle suppliers over the last few years, the reduced appetite for funders to actually lend and the difficult business climate means we need to spend time with you understand your austerity or growth plans so that we can match the vehicle and lease plan to suit you.

Our passion for cars means we can get excited with you about the prospect of your next car, possibly your next dream car. We have years of experience of supplying not just cars but dream cars such as Porsche, Ferrari and Bentley. The network of contacts and experience means we can bring you a wealth of knowledge and experience not normally found in the broker market today.

In today's world we have to not only consider the financial costs but the costs to the world we live in. We have embraced the government legislation that has been placed upon us and through the experience we have gained ourselves and with our client we have developed innovative ways to deal with the carbon emission problem. We look at this as a challenge to costs that will help the sustainability of the world we live in, and these changes can make significant cost savings on the vehicles we operate, and the good feeling within the companies that we run.

So if you are looking an alternative to the normal suppliers that have flooded the market over the last 5 years, look no further. Pick up the phone send us a mail, we are confident that you will be happy that you did.


Astute motoring start the vehicle supply process by listening to you, helping you make the right choice. All too often other suppliers are just offering you what the car leasing "deal of the month is" and not taking the time to consider what you want from your next vehicle. There are so many factors to consider that mean you should not just think because it's cheap it's a good deal.

So many times we talk to people who are trying to terminate an incorrect lease as they did not consider the options properly. Cheap leasing price on an expensive car means that the taxation will be high, something many people tend to forget to review until it's too late.

We will talk about your life style, and how the vehicle fits in that, "a coupe with 2 kids and a dog?" is the sort of question we will ask making sure the excitement of a shiny new car is not clouding your judgement.

Leasing may not be the best option that is why we offer all types of funding, Contract hire, Personal contract hire, finance lease, lease purchase and personal contract purchase are all available from Astute Motoring Limited.

If your current vehicle is not leased we can offer part exchange, a facility avoided by so many other car leasing suppliers.