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Google's self-drive car project

The director of Google's self-drive car project has revealed his motivation for ensuring that the technology is standard on roads within five years. Chris Urmson told delegates at the Ted (Technology, Entertainment and Design) conference that his eldest son was 11-years-old and due to take his driving test in "four and a half years". "My team are committed to making sure that doesn't happen," he said. He also laid out Google's commitment to fully automated cars. Some automotive firms have opted to introduce driver-assist functions in cars in the hope that the technology can gradually win over the many sceptics who would be uncomfortable in a fully automated car. By contrast Google's own car - a prototype electric pod revealed in December - will have no steering wheel or conventional controls although for early testing, extra controls will be fitted so one of Google's test drivers can take over if there is a problem.

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18th of March 2015