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We offer several service packages tailored to your individual requirements.


We would like to point out the following factors which need to be taken into consideration when determining a price for the ceramic coat application. The ceramic coat is a hardened finish that will be applied to your vehicle so all defects, contamination and impurities that have adhered to the paintwork need to be removed. If wallpaper is applied to a rough bumpy wall all of these bumps will detract from what should be a perfect finish, applying a ceramic coat needs the same care and attention. Because of this ceramic coating CANNOT BE APPLIED OUTSIDE. All of the Nano coating manufacturers require it to be applied inside in a controlled environment, if you want a warranty from the manufacturer let alone a finish free from impurities ceramic coating must be installed inside. The pricing will also depend on the size of the vehicle, a Mini will take a lot less to get prepared than a Range Rover. Next the condition of the paintwork has to be considered, the time to remove imperfections, tar, metal filings stuck to the paintwork on a 5-year-old 50,000-mile car will take longer than a new or nearly-new car. Finally, the level of service you require will also need to be taken into consideration. exterior only, interior & exterior, windows, wheels, engine compartment, exhaust tips all need to be considered. 

ALL service packages include the following:

  • Ph neutral snow foam application 
  • Hand wash using grit guard two bucket system and Ph neutral shampoo 
  • Paint decontamination, removal by hand of metal impurities, tar and other road use residue

Everyday Package – £150 

Deep clean and paint sealant

  • Vehicle wash 
  • Paint decontamination 
  • Ceramic everyday coating applied to the all paintwork 
  • Interior is hoovered and interior trims and glass are cleaned and dressed 
  • Tyre dressing is applied

Recommended “lasting time”

Bronze Package – from £400 

Deep clean, 1 time damage removal, paint sealant and enhancement, window water displacement

  • 1 stage machine polish to remove light marks from the paintwork 
  • Finishing polish with Nano polish enhancer 
  • 1 layer of Ceramic Light on the exterior. 
  • All exterior glass coated with Rain displacement products

Silver Package – from £700 

Deep clean light damage removal, paint sealant, enhancement and element protection window water displacement, wheel protected against brake dust

  • 1 stage machine polish 
  • finishing polish with Nano polish enhancer 
  • 1 layer of Nano coating to 9H hardness on the exterior. 
  • 1 layer of shine enhancer as a top coat 
  • ALL windows coated with rain displacement product 
  • Wheels (outside) coated with Wheel & Calliper protection products

Gold Package – from £1000 

Deep clean, detailed damage removal, paint sealant, enhancement and element protection window water displacement, wheel protected against brake dust

  • 2 stage machine polish 
  • finishing polish with Nano Polish 
  • 3 layers of Nano coating to 9H hardness. additional coats to maximum of 5 £200.00 each 
  • 1 layer of shine enhancer as a top coat 
  • Windows/glass coated with rain displacement product
  • Wheels and brake callipers coated with Wheel & Calliper protection products(inside and outside)

Interior Protection Package – from £250 

Keeps the interior clean. Fabrics and leather will repel all liquid spills and stains. 

UV protection against fading, and makes old plastic look like new again. 

Protects against wear and tear, perfect for new or older cars

  • Interior deep cleaning 
  • Interior vacuumed 
  • Leather or alcantara cleaned 
  • Interior windows cleaned 
  • all interior plastics and trims coated and sealed with Plastic sealant and shine enhancement products 
  • all interior fabric surfaces coated with 1 layer textile protection products 
  • all leather surfaces (seats, door cards, dashboard) coated and sealed with 1 layer of Leather protection

Maintenance Service Washes – from £95

  • Ph neutral snow foam application wash  
  • Hand wash using grit guard safety bucket system and nano coating protection products 
  • Paint Decontamination 
  • 1 Layer of the exterior enhancement coating

Wheels and Calliper Coating – from £200

The surface will repel brake dust and dirt and prevent surface corrosion/staining while enhancing the depth and colour.

  • Wheels (4) removed, deep cleaned and sealed 
  • Callipers steam cleaned and sealed 
  • 1 layer of protection and dirt displacement products on the wheels and callipers.
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